Sport Management
Sponsoring programs

Sport Management Polska offers a creation of the comprehensive sponsorship program.

Thanks to the unique competences SMP prepares a detailed program of promotion, advertising and PR which is consistent with the company's marketing strategy.

Comprehensive knowledge of the sports market allows SMP to collaborate on developing programs with the best sports products in Poland and Europe.

The service we offer is as following:

  • Recommendations on the selection of sports products (including sport disciplines) for marketing actions
  • Recommendations on assessing the potential of teams, players, sport stars, young promising players (talents)
  • Recommendations on how to communicate business and sports marketing sponsorship (target group, the form and intensity of the media)
  • Recommendations on organization of the selection area and sponsoring entity (external experts, partners)

The offer of creating sponsorship programs enables to use the sports successes to the efficient and effective promotion of the company.

Examples of our projects:

  • Sponsorship program "Polish Swimming" for Telefonia Dialog SA [2006-2008]
  • Sponsorship program "Campus Siberia - Mongolia Expedition 2009" for Euromark SA (Campus brand) [2009]
  • Sponsorship program "Polonia Warszawa " for Edbud Sp. z o.o. [2004]
  • Sponsorship program "McDonald's - Legia Warszawa" [2003]
SMP is the author of Polish Swimming promotional success. In years 2005-2008, the company was the sole representative of Polish Swimming Association in marketing actions. During this time SMP has also created two major sponsorship programs for Bioton SA and Telefonia Dialog SA.
On behalf of the Tauron Group, SMP in cooperation with research institute ARC Market and Opinion has developed a unique research methodology. It was realized at the worlds standard level and it was used for the selection, planning, analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of sponsorship activities.
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