Sport Management
Special benefits which customers can gain from working with SMP

Cooperation with SMP brings a number of comprehensive and specific benefits.
SMP operating effects include improved athletic performance, enhanced and optimized revenues, effective low costs, increased attendance in the stands and a good clubs image.
Use of the SMP advisory services can significantly reduce the number of risks associated with the football club management and allow to save a considerable amount of financial resources.
SMP expertise of the football market allow to invest money in the team in a very effective and properly way with special knowledge about the characteristics of the players. It also allows to avoid sports an internal monopoly on information.

One of the most important benefits for the owner, sponsor or investor is the fact that working with SMP allows to use the cumulative, long-term experts experience from many clubs and projects implemented by the SMP, and personally by Grzegorz Kita.
Issues and questions to which the answer is obtained include:

  • Is the club well managed?
  • Is the potential of the team realized in hundred percent?
  • Is sufficiently bonus obtained for the brand of the sponsor / owner?
  • Is a budget well balanced?
  • Are the revenues diversified in the right way?
  • Is the club operated by using all possible sources of revenue?
  • Are the costs not too high?
  • Are contracts constructed in a beneficial way for the owner?
  • How to catch fans andfill the stands?
SMP is the author of Polish Swimming promotional success. In years 2005-2008, the company was the sole representative of Polish Swimming Association in marketing actions. During this time SMP has also created two major sponsorship programs for Bioton SA and Telefonia Dialog SA.
On behalf of the Tauron Group, SMP in cooperation with research institute ARC Market and Opinion has developed a unique research methodology. It was realized at the worlds standard level and it was used for the selection, planning, analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of sponsorship activities.
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