Sport Management
Competences and competitive advantages

Sport Management Polska is a leader on sports consultancy market in Poland. In the opinion of both clients and media it is also a highly respected company that possesses the biggest and the most versatile knowledge and experience in the field of polish football clubs.

In recent years SMP successfully implemented the largest number of significant football projects in Poland.

The successes of realized projects is a result of a number of unique competences and skills among which the most important are:
I. Years of experience

Sport Management Polska is the oldest and the most experienced company on a polish sports consulting market. It was founded in 2002. Since that time over 130 diverse projects were successfully executed.
Cooperation with SMP enables customers to use cumulative and long-term experiences not only from SMP operations by itself but also from the personal experience of the company’s CEO – Grzegorz Kita, who directly had managed the sports entities.
II. Experience in direct management of sports products

Company’s unique competences result in the experiences which CEO – Grzegorz Kita gained from his personal management of polish Football Clubs (General Director of Legia Warszawa Football Club [2003], Vice President of Board in Polonia Warszawa Football Club [2004]). These experiences help the company to run projects which are based on practicality and reality of working with football organizations.

III. Complexity and complementarity of the work

Unique competences of the company constitutes the connection of practical knowledge about sport with the highest managerial skills, knowledge of marketing and advertising techniques, law and financial education and also media and public relations experience.
SMP is a company which combines unique and strong competences from different and important areas. The most important one is the rare connection of competences gained from consulting and marketing.
In daily practice the company realizes projects connected with many areas such as public relations, sports management, sponsoring, sports events or sports law.
Thanks to these competences SMP is able to create successful projects of complex and complementary range.
IV. Comprehensive range of implemented issues

In more than ten years of work and experience many diverse and complicated football projects were run. Projects have included work in the field of consulting, marketing and sponsoring, public relations area or organization of sports events. Projects included due diligence activities, research reports, business plans, operational consulting services and comprehensive development strategies.

V. Strong competences that meet clients requirements

SMP has a comprehensive knowledge that was acquired while working and meeting the requirements for almost all types of investors or owners. The company has been worked with huge private polish consortiums (ITI, Bioton), big state-owned companies (Energa, Dialog, Tauron), foreign companies (Allianz, Sony, Michelin), government communities (Gdańsk City) or brands (Campus). Every project has met diverse and advanced requirements.
VI. Knowledge of regions specification
SMP football projects were implemented throughout the whole Poland in a wide geographical spreading (Warszawa, Gdańsk, Bełchatów, Katowice, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Łódź, Poznań). This experience gave a company a perfect understanding of a local and regional specification which is very important while realizing every single project.
VII. Overview of the entire football market

SMP competences were significantly increased due to the implementation of projects for clubs with very different levels of development and different levels of games (Ekstraklasa, I Liga), a separate legal forms (associations, joint-stock companies) or a variety of organizational structures.
VIII. Deep knowledge of the mechanisms and principles of football business operation

SMP has an extensive knowledge of the mechanisms and principles on operating the football business. This knowledge is consolidated through hundreds of interviews and contacts but also through direct work with more than several thousand documents existing in the real football clubs (regulations, decisions, contracts).
IX. Steady development and scientific work

In SMP philosophy constant development and scientific studies play very important role. For many years of activity CEO of Sport Management Polska – Grzegorz Kita, has created his own, authors and specialist tools used in projects analysis and developments. Many of them is associated with the team analysis, the quality of the single player game, or factors affecting on sports results.

Among them are:

  • Matrix club "tree" analysis
  • Club stakeholders map together with their interactions and relations
  • Clubs analysis based on the so-called "development triad"
  • "Bermuda Triangle"

X. The largest number of football projects realized in Poland

Since 2003 the company has realized the largest number of football projects in Poland which proves the recognition and quality of SMP service.

SMP is the author of Polish Swimming promotional success. In years 2005-2008, the company was the sole representative of Polish Swimming Association in marketing actions. During this time SMP has also created two major sponsorship programs for Bioton SA and Telefonia Dialog SA.
On behalf of the Tauron Group, SMP in cooperation with research institute ARC Market and Opinion has developed a unique research methodology. It was realized at the worlds standard level and it was used for the selection, planning, analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of sponsorship activities.
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