Sport Management
Naming rights

Sport Management Polska offers the opportunity to work with the service, 'Naming Rights' sports facilities.

SMP competences can effectively measure the law and participate in the process of selling naming rights to a sports facility in collaboration with both the owner and the entity interested in investment.

SMP experts implement the project at all stages starting from the valuation of the object, through the development of the offer, image management, and ending with the support of sales in the bidding process.

The service we offer is as following:

{1} Object valuation:

  •     Objects analysis (including communication and access analysis)
  •     The image analysis
  •     Analysis and marketing valuation

{2} The offer preparation:

  •     Sponsorships offer creation
  •     Knowledge transfer - trainings on
             - naming rights legal aspects
             - objects business potential
             - sponsoring offers
  •     Potential sponsors identification and selection

{3} Image management:

  •     Development and implementation of PR promotion strategies while gaining the sponsor
  •     Development of visual identification of the object (Corporate Identity)

{4} Services report:

  •      The summarized report
  •      Case study

{5} Support in the bidding process on sale the name rights of the object:

  •      Advising on the development of tender documents
  •      Technical support and consulting services during the tendering process
  •      Tenders analysis
  •      Recommendation on the selection of the successful tenderer

Naming rights offer of the sports objects  is a great tool that brings benefits to both parties in the transaction: companies - the possibility of a positive brand building, and the owners - the possibility of more efficient objects management.

SMP is the author of Polish Swimming promotional success. In years 2005-2008, the company was the sole representative of Polish Swimming Association in marketing actions. During this time SMP has also created two major sponsorship programs for Bioton SA and Telefonia Dialog SA.
On behalf of the Tauron Group, SMP in cooperation with research institute ARC Market and Opinion has developed a unique research methodology. It was realized at the worlds standard level and it was used for the selection, planning, analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of sponsorship activities.
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