Sport Management
Sport Management Polska is a leading company on a polish sports marketing market which has more than ten years of experience in different sports areas.

SMP possesses a wide knowledge of mechanisms and rules that reign within sports marketing on different markets. Versatile competences gained while realizing diverse projects with many people and organizations help to create innovatory solutions for both sport and business.

Solutions offered by SMP is the guaranty of professionalism and growth of operations profitability.

Cooperation with SMP is the great possibility of creating competitive advantages, achieving strategic goals, increasing profits and benefits and avoiding economic faults.

The company has been worked with a wide range of companies actively using sport for marketing and promotion purposes. SMP has cooperated with a global insurance leader (Allianz), worldwide biotechnological company (Bioton), huge energetic consortiums  (Tauron Group, Energa Group), big state-owned companies (Dialog), foreign companies (Sony, Michelin), government communities (GdaƄsk City) or brands (T-Mobile, Campus).

Sports marketing offer included:

• Marketing ideas and strategies
• Sponsoring programs
• Sports product selection advisory (e.g. appropriate discipline, player)
• Sponsorships rights and benefits valuation
• Sponsoring agreements
• Sports CSR programs
• Cities and regions promotion via sport
• Sport and business image creation
• Effective ROI – advertising and marketing budget allocation
• Advertising in sport
• Sponsorship benefits supervision
• Sports products
• Sponsors and business partners delivery
• Sponsorship programs auditing
• Effectiveness of sponsorship programs
• Sport partners form monitoring and evaluation
• Marketing researches and analysis
• Naming rights
SMP is the author of Polish Swimming promotional success. In years 2005-2008, the company was the sole representative of Polish Swimming Association in marketing actions. During this time SMP has also created two major sponsorship programs for Bioton SA and Telefonia Dialog SA.
On behalf of the Tauron Group, SMP in cooperation with research institute ARC Market and Opinion has developed a unique research methodology. It was realized at the worlds standard level and it was used for the selection, planning, analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of sponsorship activities.
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